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Madera County

„Madera“ heisst „Holz“ auf Spanisch und darauf beruhte der Wohlstand der Gegend. Berühmt jedoch wurde Madera erst durch Gold: die Gräberei fing 1849 an und wurde bis ins 20.Jahrhundert betrieben. Heute sind die fruchtbaren Böden die wertvollste Ressource der Region: hier wachsen Mandeln, Feigen, Baumwolle, Tomaten und natürlich Wein. Besuchen Sie →
Madera County weingüter

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Events in Madera County

Drink Green: A Toast to Sustainable Winegrowing

Saturday, April 6

Multiple wineries, Friant

Participating wineries will celebrate Madera County's sustainable "green" winegrowing and winemaking practices offering special tastings and education on eco-conscious winery practices

Cost: $5.00

Address & Location:
Multiple wineries, 42415 Road 208, Friant, CA

Phone: (800) 613-0709



Details: Travel to participating wineries for “Drink Green: A Toast to Sustainable Winegrowing” celebrating Madera County’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing and winemaking practices. Taste a variety of delicious wines and “drink green” while learning a few things about what makes our wines eco-conscious: -Owl Box Programs -Grape growing using non-tillage and micro-irrigation management for efficiency. -Energy efficient building materials and equipment in winery buildings and vineyards. -Vineyard composting using biproducts of wine filtering. -Farming and planting methods for best land and water usage. -Certified Organic Winemaking Programs -Solar panels powering wineries, buildings and water wells -Recycling programs used at the wineries. Participating wineries will have education on winegrowing and winemaking, along with small bites and live music at various locations. Check our website for a list of participating wineries.